Anyone planning a stay in London probably already has a visit 0301blogmixlinks to a stage show pencilled in to their agenda. But what can theatre-goers look forward to over the next year? Here's a brief rundown of what's new, what's true and what's saying bye to you Windows Vista- I Cannot Get Past ...

If you're planning a holiday in London in the next twelve months, you're probably eager to include at least one London theatre performance during your stay. Keeping abreast of which plays and musicals are opening - and which will be closing - can help you plan your trip more accurately. Instead of risking disappointment by showing up to buy theatre tickets for a show that closed only days before, read on to catch a glimpse Blank White Cards For Different Occasions and Various Uses of a few of the more notable openings and closings in London theatre over the next twelve months - then plan your holiday accordingly, taking in as many shows as possible!

Exciting Openings Loans for $5000 Are Possible with Bad Credit Coming Up In The West End

There's always something exciting happening in London theatre, and the next twelve Internet Speed Faster months are no exception. The much-anticipated play Enron will be opening at the Royal Court Theatre in September, taking a lighthearted look at Rotate Tablet Screen 4 Ways financial disaster. That same month, Shawshank Redemption opens; fans of the film and the novel by Stephen King are sure to be lining up for theatre tickets for that show. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof makes its opening appearance in December of this year, also, making the next few months positively jam packed with excitement for theatregoers.

Don't Miss Out On These Shows Closing Soon

Closings are a fact of life in London theatre, and there are going to be some notable ones coming up. Avenue Q and Annie Get Your Gun are both set to draw their Hey Baldy!! Losing Your Hair? Why? And What Can You Do About It.. final curtains in January of 2010. Rat Pack: Live In Las Vegas makes its final performance at the end of November 2009 - if you've been wanting to buy theatre tickets for that show, time is of the essence. Lolita ends it run in September 2009, also. As always, unexpected or unpredicted closings may occur throughout the season, so it is Romantic Honeymoon in North India wise to keep an eye on Vista Wont Open After Update London theatre happenings via newsletter or email - or through a 442 well-connected friend.

Still Going Strong

Like many other theatre cities, London is known for being the Superb Ways To Boost Motivation Levels home of some very long-running, beloved and enduring productions. Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera have both been extended, so if you are planning a trip to London within the next year and would like to see either one of these productions, you are in luck. Hairspray has been extended until October of 2010, ensuring that anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to see it will have plenty of time to do so. Keeping track of what is happening in the world of London theatre can help you plan your next visit much more efficiently - and it can make buying theatre tickets far less confusing and affordable, as well.